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The Advantages of a PBX Telephone System for a Small Business

The technology involved in a PBX telephone system has evolved. This advancement has made it even more beneficial to small business, allowing them to grow their company through more efficient means of communication.

A basic PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system is a unified communications tool that connects a company’s employees to one another and to their customers by the standard public telephone system. Usually it is a computer server that will manage and share all of these multiple lines. It automatically routes all calls to the extensions that customers and fellow employees are trying to reach.

The benefits of these telephone systems are as follows:

  • It will be a cost effective way to combine your data and voice networks.
  • Using an application for call management on your computer can increase user productivity by giving them the ability to control their calls efficiently, and to see who is available to assist them.
  • Auto-forward options can allow you to be reached when you are away from your desk but still available to take calls. This allows for the system to be mobile.
  • They have an interface that is intuitive and allows for an easy installation.
  • They can be scaled up as you business expands. You can continue to add phones to the system to connect your growing number of employees.

A PBX telephone system is a low cost communication solution that is reliable, full of innovative features, easy to maintain and simple to use. Every small business with multiple employees and phone lines can benefit from having a PBX telephone system installed in their office.

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