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How a VoIP Phone System Can Save You Money

VoIP Phone System

A VoIP phone system is more than just a simple and easy way to connect your business more efficiently. It can also help reduce costs associated with long distance charges, additional phone lines, hardware costs, ease of service and can increase security. This last point is overlooked as a cost saving measure. Secure information can be the most valuable resource your business has!

VoIP works by taking the vocal information you speak into a receiver and breaking it down into compressed packets. These are sent over the internet to their destination where the VoIP service decompresses the packets and puts them in the correct order. The last, and most vital step, is it then turns that information back into a voice! A normal phone conversation is just an open connection between 2 parties.

VoIP can save you money in a number of ways. The best is that you will not have to install new phone lines anymore. All you could need is equipment that hooks directly into your already existing broadband network. Not having to make long distance calls can also be an avoided cost.

With this being on your own network now it can be serviced and troubleshot by your own IT department. You will not have to wait for a telephone company to come in and service it the next day or later! This will decrease downtime and costs, two huge savings.

The increase in security comes from an encrypted VPN connection. It can even be put on a mobile phone. Your employees can have the benefits of the office phone without having to actually be in the office.

Contact us today to start building the VoIP phone system that is best suited to your business!

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